OUR Vision

A progressive learning community persevering towards the transformation of the Filipino child to be globally competent in science and technology, arts and humanity and to embody passion for education, peace and environmental advocacy.

Our Mission

Every member of the TLFH HEDCen Community is committed to -

believe in, discover, create and open an environment of unlimited potential for every person by nurturing and educating his intellect, emotion, spirit, and physical domains - for Human Development and Global Peace.

hedcen core values

  • A PERSEVERING FAITH that believes in the innate capabilities of all children
  • A sincere INTEGRITY that seeks the TRUTH
  • An INDEPENDENT ATTITUDE that faces the world with COURAGE
  • A humble SIMPLICITY that acknowledges the need for COLLABORATION
  • A deep RESPECT that awakens COMPASSION
  • The JOYFUL pursuit of EXCELLENCE