The logo of HEDCen at TLFH mirrors its philosophy of environmental sacredness with THE TREE OF LIFE.

Each symbol represents aspirations, history, and ideas unique to HEDCen.

The TREE OF LIFE that is the logo embodying HEDCen at TLFH is an intricate network of symbols that identifies powerful individual elements but highlights more meaningful subtleties.

Taken from the top perspective, the tree forms a CIRCLE that represents more than just the world of dynamism and change we are grown and made responsible to protect; but the circle also represents the competitive well-roundedness that make up the ideal graduate of HEDCen at TLFH.

The LABYRINTH of branches and leaves represents growth and integration of elements that make up the community of HEDCen at TLFH, building strong linkages and roots within the individual learner.

The CENTER symbolizes the primary and foremost importance growing from within and establishing a core of virtues, spirituality and faith that firmly creates and becomes identity.

The SUN symbolizes the Source and the Creator who will always guide the school towards the realization of its mission as a holistic learning institution.

The Blue, Green, and Gold colors identify the essential colors of the school's advocacy: The color Blue refers to the element of the sky idealizing the freedom and reach for knowledge; Green to represent the fearless passion for growth; and Gold to symbolize the need for light - for the illumination of ideas and the enlightenment in service of others.

The year 1992 was the year the school was formally established as an educational institute of learning.

The phrase BETTER PEOPLE, BETTER EARTH is the school's motto. This motto stresses the school's paramount commitment to contributing to the conservation of the environment but also in the raising of individuals who will be leaders and pioneers of knowledge, fairness, righteousness, and truth.