Our ideal student exhibits the following characteristics:

  1. The HEDCen learner possesses a positive attitude towards learning.
    1. He is a self-learner and an independent thinker who pursues varied interests and confronts new challenges.
    2. In the face of challenge and adversity, he is innovative in his problem-solving and yet maintains a healthy sense of humor.
  2. The HEDCen learner strives to be rational and ethical, reflective in the pursuit of beauty, wellness, and balance.
    1. He exhibits a high literacy and learning capacity in the sciences, technology, humanities, and the arts.
    2. He is competent and proficient in written and oral communication skills and confident in his form of self-expression.
    3. He is physically fit and competitive as he strives for constant self-improvement.
    4. He is vigilant in the observance and adherence to the values of diligence, truth, honesty, and integrity.
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